Laura MarinoCreative Director/Co-FounderAlchemi Group

“They have never let me or my company down and I trust them implicitly.”

I have been working with Brilliant Space since 2007 and the entire 13 years of our professional working experience together has been an absolute pleasure! They are one of my preferred suppliers and installers and love working with them so much, I use them on our projects whenever I can.

The beauty of working with Brilliant Space is that you actually get Fiona and Luc (the co-founders) working on your projects from start to finish. They are even on site installing themselves. They have been utterly reliable, always flexible and willing to help with any budget and design requirements. They have always gone that extra mile and I have recommended them countless times to private clients, investors, interior designers and the contractors on our developments no matter how large or small.

They are honest, have integrity and pride in their work. They have always been extremely generous with their time and taking care of any issues that might arise without complaint and all without surprising fees or shortcuts. I have had numerous contractors and designers (who had never worked with Brilliant Space before) end up thanking me for introducing or bringing them onto a project because of the additional relief and professionalism they offer. That’s because Fiona and Luc just get on with it and swiftly find solutions when needs be. They take burden off the contractors hands with ease because they are 100% responsible for the kitchen and wardrobe designs, ordering, installation and snagging. On top of it all, they are absolutely lovely people to work with and I often think one of my greatest finds in this industry!

I have been designing and developing in Central London and the US since 1999 and in all my years, Fiona and Luc are one of the handful of suppliers I consider my go-to. They are some of the best service providers to work with for all the reasons I mentioned and then some. They have never let me or my company down and I trust them implicitly. Obviously, I highly recommend them!

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